Top tips for a smooth office relocation

Relocating an office or any small business space can be a logistical nightmare difficult to navigate through. There is a lot of preparation and team involvement that needs to be taken into consideration to prevent any hassles or delays during this transition.  

Our team at Alongshore Removals has extensive experience with planning and executing stress free relocation for small office and retailers.  

Here are the top five suggestions you should consider for a smooth office relocation 

  1. Organise your office inventory  

Go through all your business inventory and categorise items in the appropriate section to make the unpacking process much easier for your staff. A thorough clean out of your stock and paperwork is required to prevent any additional unnecessary items to be transported to your new location.  

If you and your staff are time poor, Alongshore Removals provides professional packing services to prevent any business disruptions. We offer affordable rates and can customise to your needs accordingly.  We recommend getting in touch to explore further options if your business requires this extra support.  

  1. Find the right storage solution  

There may be office items you may want to consider keeping in a storage instead of relocating them as this will open more space up in your new office location. For example, old files, equipment, extra tables and chairs etc. Alongshore Removals have the resources and contacts to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution storage solution on behalf of your business. We can work with you closely to meet your business needs. We recommend having a rough timeframe in mind for your stored items as this will assist you with your budget, how much space is required and how far away the storage unit will be located.  

  1. Notify all the appropriate individuals involved  

Advise any staff, customers, and courier services about your new address to avoid further enquires. This will prevent any address shipping issues in the future. Our suggestion is to include this message within your company’s email signature until you are fully settled in the new location.  

  1. Hire qualified removalists  

Finding an experienced removalist team is essential in transporting your office inventory in the most time effective and efficient way possible.  Investing in a professional and trustworthy team with over 30 years of industry experience like Alongshore Removals will give you a piece of mind and one less thing for you to worry about.  

  1. Unpack mindfully  

Once you have packed, stored, and transported your items using an experienced removalist team, you will need to construct an unpacking plan to prevent any logistical issues. You may consider purchasing additional furniture or shelving units to store boxes and items that require unpacking. We advise to unpack the necessary items first to get your business up and running again as soon as possible. The remaining items can be unpacked later when more time and space is allocated to the appropriate staff members.  

To find out more about our removal services you can visit our homepage or if you have any further questions about your office or retail relocation feel free to contact our team today.