Top 5 speedy unpacking hacks

The idea of unpacking all your belongings post-move can seem like a never ending project. Even if your mind is swirling with countless questions, sometimes the best thing to do is just start! We have compiled our top five unpacking hacks to make the task seem a little less daunting and a lot more rewarding.  

  1. Start with the essentials  

Do not overwhelm yourself with the masses and unpack everything. Truth be told all you need are the bare minimum essentials to get you through the first couple days. Locate some food, bedding, toiletries and a couple of pieces of clothing to kick start the unpacking process.  

  1. Room by room  

Starting with smaller rooms such as the bathroom or laundry is the best way to ease yourself into the task. If you prefer to get the harder things out of the way first, then start with a complicated room such as the kitchen and work your way into simpler tasks. There is only one rule for this step- take it one room at a time…no crossovers!  

  1. Less distraction more intention  

Although it may be tempting to peel your phone out and start scrolling, put any distractions away and lead with a specific intention for each hour. If you focus your attention on organising your bedroom’s wardrobe for 4 hours then you can organise your desk in the next 3 hours. Simple and straightforward division of time is the most effective way to get things done. Set a timer and go!  

  1. Enjoy the process  

Unpacking does not equal boredom! It can be a perfect task to do with your family, partner or roommate for some extra bonding time. Put your favourite music on or play mini games like spot the lamp to ramp up the fun.  

  1. Avoid perfection  

Chances are the home will not look spot on right after you unpack everything so avoid fussing over how the cushions are layed out or how the pantry is filled. The main thing is you get everything out of boxes quickly using our previous hacks so you can then spend more time fussing over the details later.  

Get your timer, your to-do list and a playlist ready and we promise unpacking will be an absolute breeze.