Quality of trucks

The main difference when it comes to Alongshore Removals is our quality moving trucks, some removalists have a simple moving van whereas we have customised removal trucks that have been thought out with our customers’ needs in mind. 

So, we wanted to highlight some of the key features that differentiate our trucks from our competitors or just hiring a regular van/truck when it comes to moving day. 

  1. Ramp vs Hydraulic lift

Most companies use a Hydraulic Lift system but in reality, it can make the day move a little slower, as the movers have to wait for it to go up down each time they need to use it. Which is why we opted for a pull-out ramp that is much more efficient, which ultimately saves our customers time and money!

  1. Wooden floor vs metal floor 

We opted for a wooden floor in all our trucks as it is much safer your furniture and belongings. The legs and bases of furniture can get caught up on metal flooring as the surface is often designed with grooves, where as the movement of a wooden floor is much smoother thanks to its constant flat surface.

  1. Quality equipment vs no equipment 

We take the utmost care to ensure your belongings and furniture are loaded and transported safely to its new location through our use of specialist equipment such as blankets, specialist removalist straps, ropes, dollies, trollies etc.

The Luton peak is an added bonus on two of our trucks as it is a designated area where fragile items such as artwork, sculptures, TVs, glass or another ultra-fragile items can be transported out of harm’s way.

  1. Padded walls vs metal/caged walls

The padded walls throughout our trucks offer our customers furniture & belongings the safest possible ride in transit and limit any possible marks or damage to goods. Some other removals trucks can be just metal or caged walls, which isn’t an ideal set up.

 So, if you’re tossing up between other removalists keep these factors in mind!