Our top 4 moving mistakes to avoid!

When it comes to moving home, we all hope for an easy transition, but it seems like there is always something unexpected that occurs along the way.

So, to ensure a smooth transition into your new home here are four common moving mistakes and tips on how to avoid them! 

Little to no preparation

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to minimise tasks and simply throw everything into a box, instead of doing some organisation and getting rid of things. Not only will this waste your time when it comes to moving day it will also cost you more in labour and fuel for moving items you don’t want to keep. 

Instead, plan a weekend to purge and organise your belongings into reuse, recycle or regift piles. 

Not packing an essentials box/bag

You’ll find the most important items are often the hardest to find after a move, so if you haven’t packed your essentials bag/box you’ll likely be frantically looking through a plethora of boxes to find a single item. 

Instead, organise all of your first night essentials into one easily accessible place to make the entire experience less stressful overall. Head over to our previous blog that lists some of the essential items you might need when it comes to your first sleep in your new home. 

Waiting too long to transfer your utilities 

Moving day is generally long and exhausting, so imagine settling in on day one only to find out that the lights won’t turn on because you forgot to set up the utilities.

Instead, call up your utility provider and inform them of your upcoming move to plan your termination date to coincide with your last day in your old home and start your new service on move-in day.

DIY Everything

Doing it all yourself at the time may seem like a cheaper alterative but there are number of huge potential pitfalls associated such as inexperience on how to effectively and efficiently move some of your larger or more fragile household items. Not to mention the risk of hurting yourself as well. 

Instead, save yourself the hassle and time by organising a professional removalists company who are highly experienced.  Alongshore Removals are your local Balmain removalists operating across Sydney’s Inner West and Lower North Shore for more than 30 years. We are full-service removalists – offering removals, packing, unpacking and moving boxes and packing materials. We don’t take lightly the responsibility we have when you trust us with your belongings which is why we are one of Sydney’s most trusted and best moving companies.