Office move checklist

There’s nothing more daunting than having to relocate an entire team of employees alongside all the expensive office equipment, supplies, electronics and furniture. The key to a seamless move without any hiccups all comes down to efficient planning and organising. So, we’ve provided our go-to checklist when it comes to a seamless office move! 

  1. Declutter – Now’s the perfect time to lighten your inventory and sort through those documents, furniture and equipment you might not want to take across with you in the new office. 
  1. Make the move on the weekend – The last thing you want to do is disturb everyone whilst they’re trying to work. 
  1. Label items– Get each staff member to label boxes, computer screens etc with their allocation number to save confusion once in the new office space. 
  1. Take home personal belongings – Inform your staff the day before to take home any of their personal belongings.
  2. Create a floor plan – Whether your downsizing or upsizing it’s important to map out the new floor plan of the office and determine where to place equipment, desks, and furniture. If your new office doesn’t have space for your archived files, excess furniture secure an offsite storage solution. 
  1. Back up important documents and data – Be sure to save everything important prior to moving in case anything gets damaged during transit.
  2. Find a reliable removalist – We understand that time is money for your business. At Alongshore Removals we discuss the move with you and make sure we have the right team, the right truck and the right equipment to move you in or out of your office efficiently and safely. We provide boxes, packing materials, packing and unpacking services and removals, so you can sort your entire move with just one call.

We hope the above office moving checklist/tips will guide you to ensure a smooth relocation to your new office. Your job is done now, you can relax and let the Alongshore Removals take it from here!