Moving a fridge

As a refrigerator is a bulky item, it’s not the most straightforward thing to move as a lot of prep needs to go behind it. To help you out, we’ve put together our top tips when it comes to preparing a fridge for moving day to make transportation a little bit easier for everyone.

  1. Empty out the entire Fridge

Leaving food and perishables in the fridge during the move will only add to its weight. So we recommend to try and plan ahead of time and avoid buying anything new 2 weeks prior to the move and start eating all the perishable items to avoid wasting anything.

  1. Give it a deep clean

Once the fridge has defrosted, thoroughly clean and dry all the surfaces to prevent mildew and odors from arising allowing it to be immediately available for use at your new property.

  1. Remove the shelving and draws 

This step is often missed but is crucial as you don’t want anything moving around causing damage during a move, so it’s best remove all the draws and shelving. This not only makes your fridge lighter but also save your trays and shelves from cracking.

  1. Switch it off for 24 hours

You’ll need to turn your fridge off for at least 24 hours for it to effectively let the freezer and evaporator coils to defrost and the oils in the compressor to settle down. If your fridge has an ice maker, disconnect the water line and make sure it’s completely drained to prevent any leaks and spillage during transport. 

And from here we’ll take over the rest! We’ve got all the necessary equipment to safely transport your fridge and get it to the new location in perfect condition. Get in touch today to arrange for our industry trained professionals to help out with your next move. 

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