How to reduce waste + recycle properly during your move

Moving homes often comes with decluttering all the furniture and kick knacks you no longer need but now you’re left wondering how to dispose of it. So, here’s a helpful guide to follow when decluttering your home to ensure you’re disposing your things responsibly. 


  • If your furniture is still in good condition opt for giving it a second life by either reselling it or donating it to a local charity shop to help reduce waste to landfill. Some great websites to utilise include: Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Marketplace.  Check with friends and family as well who may be interested. 
  • On the other hand, if your furniture is damaged you can organise with your local council to pick up your bulky items for free. 

White goods

  • Fridges and washing machines are amongst one of the most difficult household items that you will need discard of. You will need to organise with your local council for a pickup otherwise you can take your white goods to a recycling centre nearby. 

Chemicals, cosmetics, medicines and vitamins

  • You’re bound to have plenty of expired items in your vanity cabinet, but they have no place in household bin. Left over/ out of date medicines can actually be dropped off at your local pharmacy who will range for them to be disposed safely. Otherwise your local recycling centre is your next best bet. 


  • You cannot just throw your electronics in the regular garbage bin as they contain harmful chemicals. instead ask around or browse online for local recyclers who can take care of recycling the usable parts and disposing the unusable materials. 

Take a little bit of time to prepare and get organised before your move will mean less work for you when it comes to moving day. Happy decluttering! 

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