How to move safely amid covid-19

Moving into a new home during a global health pandemic can be an overwhelming process leaving you feeling burnt out, confused and anxious. Navigating lockdowns and ever changing restrictions can make the process feel nearly impossible. Fortunately, here at Alongshore Removals we have made it our mission to help you have the smoothest and safest move possible. 

  1. Resist the temptation to phone a friend 

We know it can be tempting to ask family members or friends to assist in getting all your clothes in order, tidying up the furniture or sorting through those drawers you haven’t looked at for years. Right now it is essential not to introduce people from other households into your home, leading up to your move, or have them there on the day. Less people on move day, means our team can easily abide by the appropriate social distancing measures, as well as create a more efficient and effective move. 

  1. Have a COVID test before the move  

To maintain the safety of our team, and to ensure no one in your family needs to self-quarantine, we advise every adult in the home to have a Covid test 3-5 days before the move. This ensures you are ready for the big move and less-likely to need to cancel your move last minute, causing you stress and financial loss.  

  1. Take appropriate safety precautions 

Our team will arrive on the day wearing masks, which will stay on throughout the whole move. In line with Public Health Orders we ask all adults involved in the move to do the same. You may also like to have sanitiser on hand and consider giving your new home a thorough clean before moving in too. 

If you have proper planning and communicate with your removalist team, your move can be a lot less stressful than you may have thought! All it takes is some patience, a little organisation and a lot of teamwork.