How to be prepared for your first night in your new home

As exciting the first sleep in your new home can be it’s easy to overlook a few key details! So, to help you stay organised we’ve listed 5 tips to help you adequately prepare for that first night.  

  1. Pack a first night bag + home essentials box

Organise all of your first night essentials into one easily accessible place to make the entire experience less stressful overall. The last thing you want to be doing is searching through all of the boxes for your toothbrush or phone charger. Here are a few things to consider including:

  • Toothbrush + toothpaste
  • Essential toiletries
  • Medications
  • Chargers
  • Extra underwear and clothes
  • First aid kit
  • Snacks, water bottles
  • Rubbish bags
  • Towels
  1. Take care of the family

Children are particularly sensitive to change, so find some time amidst the chaos to help them feel at home. This could be their favourite toy or book or their night light to give them a sense of familiarity. 

  1. Organise food & drinks

It’s important to think about your first evening meal and breakfast on the first morning. Whether it’s putting aside the ingredients and supplies you’ll need to cook or deciding as a family whether you’ll be ordering in or eating out it can be really helpful to organise this beforehand.

  1. Packing cleaning supplies

One of the first things you’ll likely want to do before unpacking your moving boxes is some basic cleaning. Having an assortment of different cleaning products ready will make this process more efficient, so you’ll be able to spend less time looking for products and more time being practicable. 

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