Cardboard vs plastic boxes

Moving to a new house can be an intimidating task, but knowing what type of boxes to use in the process can be a big help! Here we discuss the difference between plastic and cardboard moving boxes to help your decision-making on moving day! 

Cardboard boxes, the way to go?

Cardboard boxes come in many shapes and sizes making it easier to pack various items. They are environmentally friendly, easy to label, cost efficient, and can be easily recycled. Cardboard moving boxes are lighter; making it easier when moving homes, which is one of the most important aspects. 

Why are cardboard boxes good for the environment?

Did you know that 25% less energy and 50% less water is required when making cardboard boxes compared to other new materials! An additional benefit to using cardboard boxes for your new move is that cardboard will decompose a lot faster than plastic after you have finished using the boxes. Cardboard breaks down completely in only two months, whereas plastic takes anywhere between 400-1000 years to decompose!

Not only are cardboard boxes thinner than plastic bins – they are fully collapsible. When you’re not using the cardboard boxes anymore, simply unfold the box at their tops and bottoms and slide them to a suitable storage place in your house or elsewhere. Doing this will allow for convenient storage and organisation in your home.  

Why plastic is a no go?

Plastic boxes in some cases are good for moving as they can easily be nested which allows packing and unpacking to become an easier process. However ethically and environmentally plastic is not a great way to go. Plastic moving boxes are quite heavy and unfortunately cannot be flat packed, unlike cardboard moving boxes. Once you have moved to your new home, the plastic moving boxes are often thrown away or used for immediate storage otherwise they will take up too much space. 

Moving day is a huge process for anyone, and we guarantee that the use of cardboard boxes will make your moving experience less stressful, cheaper and a much more organised experience. 

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