6 things to consider when choosing a removalist

Amongst the excitement and stress of moving into a new space, an important element that is sometimes overlooked until the very last minute, is the significance of choosing a removalist. A removalist is not just someone who moves items from point A to point B, they are literally in charge of the safe transport of some of your most treasured items. It’s important to choose a removalist you feel comfortable with, someone you can trust. Nothing is more devastating than arriving to your new house, to find that all your fragile plates, precious memories and furniture has been damaged. 

To help ease the burden, we’ve compiled a checklist to help you make the right decision when hunting for a removalist. 

Professional Accreditation

When looking for a removalist, the first thing you can do to separate the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ is scope out their professional industry training. It helps to ensure that they are up to the job of looking after your precious belongings, and that they can work to professional standards. 

Alongshore’s team consists of industry trained professionals who have been servicing the lower North Shore for over 30 years, so you can rest-assured we have the experience needed for any job.

Recommendations and Reviews

Typically, public opinion can make or break a business. If they’re fantastic at what they do, people will write about it and if they’re not so great, you’re bound to read about it. Before you approach a removalist to help you move home, it’s important you do two kinds of homework beforehand.

First of all, ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they have any recommendations for removalists. Finding a company that someone you know has had a positive experience with is a great way to select a removalist. Additionally, having a local recommendation means that the company is well known in the area, giving a bit more legitimacy. 

Secondly, once you have the name of one or more removals companies to approach, start to look them up online, look at their own testimonials, and also look at third-party websites to get impartial reviews. If the online reviews are not so flattering, you can cross them off your list. 

With 175 five star Google Reviews for Alongshore Removalists, you’d be hard-pressed to find a higher recommended business.

Honest and Accurate Pricing

Nothing’s worse than being provided a quote, to then later discover hidden costs and additional fees! Some removalist companies will try and hide their additional fees using confusing lingo or circumstantial situations. It’s important when choosing a removalist company that their prices are upfront, open and honest. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it often is. 

Checkout our simple pricing guide to learn about our transparent pricing: