4 tip for moving house on a rainy day

Nothing is worse than planning everything for your move, packing in advanced, planning babysitters for the kids, organising a great removalist company… and then waking up on moving day to a wet and rainy day. 

Don’t fear! Whilst a rainy day can dampen the mood a little bit, it doesn’t have to ruin plans for your big and exciting day. Checkout our 4 Tips for Moving House on a Rainy Day below. 

  1. Protect your Boxes

We recommend hiring or purchasing moving boxes from a trusted removalist. This is because removalist boxes are sturdy and reliable. They’re purpose made to be durable in any weather condition regardless of the weather conditions. Alongshore Removals can provide some of the best rates for moving boxes and packing materials. 

  1. Look After Your Furniture

The closer the removalist truck can park to your home, the less time your furniture will be in the rain. If your house is position up a long driveway or somewhere less accessible, don’t stress! Your removalist team will always arrive with protective and professional equipment specifically designed to ensure all your furniture stays safe and dry. 

  1. Protect Your Home 

Even though your removalists can do their very best to ensure your furniture stays dry, it might be a bit tricky to keep the floors of your house dry. That’s why we recommend placing towels on the floor in high traffic areas and making sure there is a door mat for the removalists to wipe their feet. Just be careful to make sure there are no slip or trip hazards!

  1. Clearly Label Items That Cannot Get Damp

It’s always useful for your removalist team to know what items they must be extra careful with. Use a bright coloured marker and label ‘KEEP DRY’ on all sides of boxes and wrapped items that are especially susceptible to water damage. At Alongshore Removals, our team will take the time to wait for a lull in the rain to ensure those items have no chance of getting damp. Additionally, we will ensure they are not placed near items that could potentially be damp from moisture. 

We hope these helpful tips can relieve some stress on moving day if the weather is quite what you planned… Don’t forget, at Alongshore Removals we offer a complete range of removals services for house, apartment and small office relocations. Whether you’re moving to a third-floor walk-up studio apartment or a 5 bedroom family, our team of professional furniture removalists can help.