3 things to avoid when decluttering for a move

Moving into a new home is an exciting journey and a perfect chance for a fresh start to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Before you get the removalists involved you should begin looking at all the clutter you have accumulated over the years. How do you know it’s clutter? If you haven’t used the item in the past 3 months then it may be time to throw it out. There are common mistakes made during the decluttering process that can overwhelm people and make it very stressful. 

Here are some things you should avoid when you start parting with your near and dear items: 

  1. Try to declutter the whole house in one day 

When people figure out their moving day they generally start to plan the process and buy packing boxes and call removalists. The problem is when they start packing they realise most of their possessions haven’t been touched in a while, which can lead to panic cleaning. When you panic and start doing a mass declutter just before the move it can be utter chaos. Instead, start with designated spaces in the home ahead of time and spend an hour or so working on one area opposed to rushing the whole space. 

  1. Keep things just in case 

It can be tempting to keep sentimental items or expensive things you haven’t used in months (even years) because of the emotional connection you have with them. You can start to convince yourself you will wear that dress or use that pan when you know deep down you probably never will. Try to have a five item limit in each room of the home for things you might use in the future, this way you can rank items and throw out the obvious things taking up space. 

  1. Convince yourself the new space will have room for more things 

Even if your new home has more space than your current place, it doesn’t justify keeping things you don’t need anymore. We know this sounds like an obvious one, but we can convince ourselves in the moment to keep things whilst decluttering since it is the easier option. Instead, pretend your new space doesn’t exist and you are just trying to get your current home in order to avoid dreaming up space that might not be available in your new pad.  

Once you have decluttered and cleaned with the help of our experienced Alongshore Removalist team, you can trust all your hard work will pay off when you begin a fresh start in your new home with a clutter-free organised oasis.